Publications & Policies

This page lists our current Publications & Policies.


Type Name Date Size
Annual Report 2019 19/03/20 1.2MB
Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy 21/02/19 459KB
Attendance Policy 07/06/16 113KB
Bushfire Guide for Families 29/01/20 586KB
Child Protection in Schools 29/01/20 621KB
Cyber Safety Policy 04/12/17 137KB
School Context Statement 2019 15/03/19 476KB
Site Improvement Plan 2020 18/02/20 530KB
Student Laptop Charging Consent 28/01/20 433K
Student Laptop Charging Policy 03/10/19 1.4MB
Student Progression Policy 08/11/17 346KB
Submissions & Due Dates Policy 31/01/18 312KB
Uniform Brochure 06/02/20 2.2MB
Uniform Policy 06/02/20 391KB




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Drugs Incident Management Procedure
Protective Practices