Digital Learning Program


In 2017 Seaford Secondary College launched the Digital Learning Program in consultation with staff, students and the Governing Council. The program is based on the expectation that all students bring a digital device to school every day to enhance their learning, and build the essential 21st century skills needed for their careers and futures.


We believe that by achieving a 1:1 ratio of students per device that all students can receive many of the benefits to their learning including, but not limited to, the following:

·       increased digital literacy capability

·       preparation for the globalised world and future employment opportunities

·       improved ability to retain information and connect concepts

·       self-efficacy in learning 

·       increased motivation and interest in learning 

·       access to innovative teaching practice and project based learning 

·       improved communication and collaboration 

·       faster feedback on learning progress


What device should I get for my child?

Seaford Secondary College has decided not to have a compulsory device that we ask all families to purchase to ensure that all families are able to find a device that is most appropriate to their circumstances. Recommended minimum requirements for a device that ensures students receive the greatest benefits to their education include:

·       8 hour battery life to last the school day

·       10 inch screen

·       minimum of 128 gigabyte of Hard Drive space

·       minimum 4 giabyte RAM (8 gigabyte recommended)

·       keyboard & trackpad highly recommended


As a school we do not recommend tablets or phones as a digital device in the classroom due to their limitations. The school is frequently researching the best value for money machines to support students choice, and you can find details on the currently recommended devices by clicking the link below.


What do I do if I cannot afford a device?

We understand that not every family is in a financial position to purchase a device. If you are in this position we recommend that you first apply for a NILS (interest free small loans) using the link below. If you are not successful accessing a NILS loan then you can apply for support from Seaford Secondary College by completing a social justice laptop application form. We have a limited amount of devices each year than can be taken home for the whole school year with a hire fee each term, as well as devices free of charge that students can access when they are at school, but not take home. Please be aware that support is subject to those with the greatest need and that support cannot be guaranteed. Please contact Ben Hardy via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more information regarding social justice laptops.


Why can I not find the online purchasing portal?

Seaford Secondary College has made the decision not to continue with an online purchasing portal for the remainder of 2017 & 2018 due to ongoing issues and to ensure that families can get the best value for money possible. We recommend that families shop online and in major retail stores to find the best option to suit their needs.


What software is needed on the device?

  • Seaford Secondary College has 4 dedicated computer labs that have all the software required for any specialised subjects, particularly Technology & Art. All students who select these subjects will have their lessons in the computer rooms to utilise this, and will not require specialised software on their personal device.


  • Students can access an online version Office365 for free through the DECD LearnLink portal, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and other educational software. Information will be sent home at the end of 2017 for all students enrolling at SSC for 2018.


  • The school has also set up a portal which allows students to download a version of Office software, as well free anti-virus software to support families financially.


  • All devices will need to ensure they have an operating system (eg Windows) with a web browser which comes standard with most devices purchased.  


What do we need to do to use Technology at Seaford Secondary College?

For any student wanting to use their own, or school owned devices, at Seaford they must first complete an ICT User Agreement and return to the school. This agreement clearly states the expectations and acceptable use of technology, and the responsibilities of the student, the parent/caregivers and the school. It is highly recommended that you download the Digital Learning Program policy document below for the full detail of acceptable technology use at Seaford Secondary College. Please contact Ben Hardy via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  phone  8327 5200.


Ben Hardy

Head of Technology & Boon Boona House


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