The Seaford Secondary College Uniform Policy is an important part of our school safety program.

Our new uniform brochure is now available. Please see the link to the pdf on the bottom of this page.


Wearing the School Uniform

  • contributes to students safety by providing clear identification of students in the school community
  • supports students to develop a sense of identity and pride with our school
  • reduces peer pressure and social stigmas
  • reduces distractions
  • redirects personal expression to schoolwork rather than personal appearance
  • lowers long-term clothing costs
  • promotes a standard of dress in the learning environment



All students are expected to be in full school uniform. The described Seaford Secondary College uniform is the only acceptable uniform.

All uniform items are to be purchased through Student Services. Black school shoes can be purchased independently of the school. If you have any questions in relation to the school uniform, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Students out of school uniform will be expected to change into appropriate uniform with the support of their House leaders. A plan will be implemented, in partnership with parents/care providers, to support students to be in full school uniform.


Parents/Care Providers

Parents/carers are asked to:

  • support the School Uniform Policy
  • check that their child is in uniform each day
  • contact the school to clarify any questions in regard to the school uniform
  • supply their child with a diary note for any temporary exemptions. The school will provide a loan uniform for the day
  • ensure all items are labelled with their child’s name
  • refer to the uniform and footwear guidelines before purchasing any items


Uniform Options


  • official maroon and white polo top with school logo
  • official white and grey polo top with school logo
  • official maroon windcheater with school logo
  • official charcoal shorts and pants
  • official summer dress and skirt, with the option of black stockings underneath
  • official winter skirt
  • official charcoal knitted cardigan
  • in winter students may choose to wear a plain black or maroon scarf and gloves




Plain black lace-up or velcro shoes are required to be worn by all students as part of the uniform. The only exception to this will be when changing for HPE lessons, School Sport or when required for other specified school activities. Inappropriate shoe styles include: backless, ugg-boots, thongs, sandals, slip-ons or high heels.


Physical Education/Sports

  • students are advised to change into suitable sports uniform clothing for Physical Education
  • students representing Seaford Secondary College at sporting events will be required to wear appropriate uniform and some sports will be provided with a uniform
  • all volleyball players will be required to purchase an official playing top through the school



  • Sun protection is an issue during the summer months and students are encouraged to wear hats in the yard, during Physical Education lessons and school activities that are outdoors.
  • Students are only to wear hats, beanies or other headwear when they are outside. Staff will instruct students to remove these items when entering the learning environment.



Uniform Brochure
Uniform Policy
Uniform Price List