SAPOL Partnership


Constable Matt Round, from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, has worked in partnership with us to support the learning of our students around appropriate and inappropriate behaviour choices. This has been a powerful strategy in supporting a change of culture at Seaford Secondary College and in the community. Constable Round also visits families to support a team approach.

The results of this partnership have helped our students understand their actions and how they impact on a wider, community level. We have several examples of students that had made poor behaviour choices in the past and now are supporting other students to make different choices. Constable Round has also worked in partnership with our Speech Pathologist to support his work in how to approach young offenders in the community who have language disorders.

This understanding and changed approach has enabled Constable Round to work positively with young offenders to further support positive choices.


Below are the latest SAPOL publications



Talkin' Road Safety #5  13/11/13  1.1MB
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