Work Experience

Work Experience at Seaford Secondary College

  • Senior School students over the age of 15 can do Work Experience
  • Some Year 10 students must do it as part of their VET program, others may opt to do it
  • All Year 11 students do 1 week of Work Experience in Week 10 of Term 2, or if they have casual employment they can use 1 week of that in lieu of Work Experience
  • Some Year 12 students do Work Experience as a required part of their VET program


Steps involved in doing Work Experience

  • Students obtain a Work Experience agreement form from the Work Experience coordinator; this is a legal document which covers the student for insurance purposes
  • Student completes side 1 of form, making sure they sign it as well as a parent/guardian
  • Student then decides where to do their Work Experience and personally approaches an employer, the employer must complete and sign Part C of the form on side 2
  • The form must then be returned to the Work Experience coordinator for processing, the student will be given 2 copies, one for the employer and one for their portfolio


Why Do  1 Week of Work Experience in Year 11?

1.       It gets you SACE accreditation.

2.       An opportunity to try a job you have planned (via the PLP) to do in the future.

3.       Allows you to gain knowledge about a workplace.

4.       Gives you the chance to acquire some new workplace skills.

5.       A chance to do something different/challenging

6.       Allows you to display and use abilities you have that may not be used at school.

7.       Helps you gain confidence in yourself.

8.       It may lead to a job (casual or permanent).

9.       A chance to prove that you are mature and ready for the ‘world of work’.

10.   Get a good employer report to put in your portfolio