Transition Program

We have a variety of processes in place to allow for a smooth transition for students on their journey to, and time at, Seaford Secondary College.

For students transitioning from our 'feeder' primary schools, the process begins with a visit to Seaford Secondary College the year before they enroll at our school. This is usually early in Term 2. Traditionally, the Year 11 Tourism class runs a number of tours for all students who are likely to be transitioning.

Immediately after these tours, we host our Seaford Secondary College Open Night, which showcases learning in our school and the various initiatives we are undertaking. On the night, the Principal talks to parents and students and then our students run interactive and informative group tours.

During September and October our Middle School Counsellor and Special Education Coordinator visit feeder primary schools in order to gather information about transitioning students in terms of individual learning needs, interests and friendship groups. This information is carefully used to allocate classes for the following year.

In December we run a Parent Information Evening and also host an Orientation Day for our transitioning students, so that they can become fully familiar with our school.

We also run a Transition Program for our Year 9 students in order to prepare them for their move into Year 10 and the Senior School. Here, students take some classes in their new Care Groups, and Houses, and work with their future teachers.

Students who enroll with us during the course of the year are also transitioned smoothly. We run pre–enrolment meetings in order to meet parents and caregivers and gather information for each new student. We use this information to make a considered Care Group placement, cater for individual learning needs and introduce each new student to a suitable “buddy”.