Languages Program


Languages Program at Seaford Secondary College

As part of the Australian Curriculum program, students are required to study a second or additional language. Through learning languages, students acquire:

  • communication skills in the language being learnt
  • an intercultural capability, and an understanding of the role of language and culture in communication
  • a capability for reflection on language use and language learning.

The Languages programs offered to students at Seaford Secondary College are Spanish and Japanese. Students undertake a semester of study in each language at year 7 and an additional semester of each at year 8. This allows for multiple entry points and caters for students ranging from beginners to those with prior knowledge. This provides the opportunity to sample each language and a foundation for continued study in years 9 to 10 and SACE.

At Seaford Secondary College our aim is for our students to become competent in language communication, as well as enable them to develop an appreciation and respect for cultures around the world. We believe language learning is an essential skill for our students in this modern world and learning languages allows them to connect globally and build various lifelong, employability skills.

Students cover a range of themes including literacy through narrative story-telling, personal interests and social life, interacting with others and exploring the target cultures. Our teachers design learning activities that enable students to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in engaging and purposeful contexts and use online materials to supplement the teaching and learning.

As part of the Japanese program, students are offered the chance to travel to Japan as part of a school trip every two years. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to use their language skills in a genuine context, as well as be exposed to an additional culture. This trip is highly valued and is recommended for students with notable language skills and an interest in travelling and learning about other societies.