Health & PE

Seaford Secondary College’s Health and Physical Education learning area strives to provide an environment which is positive and supportive of students learning and wellbeing. We aim to build lifelong skills and knowledge to support SSC students to become healthy, active and confident adults.

Health and Physical Education at Seaford Secondary College is a compulsory subject in years 7-10 and available as a choice subject in years 9-12. It provides a broad range of learning experiences to help students expand upon their skills, knowledge and understanding in relation to their health, safety, wellbeing, and movement competence and confidence.

Students will develop critical thinking, reflection skills and a sense of responsibility, as well as team work and self-discipline. Students will learn a variety of physical activities including both team and individual sports. In theory lessons, students will build upon their skills and knowledge in enhancing their own and others’ health and wellbeing.

We also offer two specialist programs in Volleyball and Soccer. Please refer to Volleyball and Soccer pages on our website for further information about these programs.

For those interested in pathways at year 11 and 12, we offer SACE courses in Health, Outdoor Education, Physical Education and Sports Studies.

For more information on the range of subject choices, please refer to our Curriculum Guide.